Discover the Inspiration Behind our New Bambury Winter Range

Bambury Design Team

Posted on August 06 2020

Discover the Inspiration Behind our New Bambury Winter Range

One of the aspects our design team loves most about working on a new range, is the initial research phase. We cast the net wide for inspiration, one minute we are admiring the creative work of an emerging artist, the next we are discussing how to match a fabric colour to that perfect silver green gum leaf we found on our weekend bushwalk. Inspiration is everywhere and collecting all of these new ideas is what inspires us to keep creating beautiful new products.
Collecting natural inspiration when designing a new Bamburyrange
At the start of the process it can be tricky to see how the range will come together but as we chat and play and edit, an idea always seems to grow and take shape. It’s often a single colour or a motif that keeps popping up as we work, demanding that we pay attention to it.
This winter it was corduroy fabric that waved its enthusiastic hello. Our new Corduroy friend was soft and tactile to the touch, woven from natural cotton and the perfect nostalgic nod back to the 70s when our homes were a fun expression of optimism in earthy tones. Corduroy said “ Hey! I’m fun and comfortable! I’m your new best friend!” - we couldn’t resist its charms.
Beautiful stack of Bambury corduroy cushions in earthy colour tones Sloane Cordoroy quilt cover set in beautiful soft shell pink colour
As a team we were unanimously excited about introducing corduroys lush warmth into our own homes. We know we have found our next range when everyone in the studio starts picking up cushion samples and chatting about how they are going to style them at home, which colour will look perfect on their new couch, or which quilt cover will make the wall colour in their bedroom really pop! 
So we set about designing our new Winter collection. Luscious corduroy homewares in earthy tones and textural cushions with shaggy embroidery as a playful nod to the 70s vibe. We hand sketched prints in bold florals and quirky leopard designs which really complimented the corduroy and the colour palette.
We create mindfully, having fun with colour & pattern but also making sure our products had the timeless appeal that comes from thoughtful design created using high quality fabrics. Homewares are meant to feel good, we want them to be soft and comfortable and stand the test of time in your homes.
Creating our new 70s inspired winter range for you was fun. We hope that we have captured this feeling in our products so that you can feel the good vibes in your home as well!
Sloane corduroy euro pillows in terracotta colour, a perfect winter fabric Printed floral quilt cover design by Bambury called Araluen, on an ochre background and featuring proteas


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