Tea Towels & Dish Mats


Why wouldn't you make life easier by using a microfibre tea towel or dish mat? Some people swear by these in the kitchen because of their practicality, the tiny fibres in the fabric are specifically designed to soak up water really well, they also have the ability to clean really well too. Available in coordinating colour the tea towels come in a three pack, with different textural patterns on each towel, and our dish mats have lots of extra details compared to some others on the market. Not only do our dish mats soak up lots of water, while protecting your bench top, but they are designed to fold in half so they can hang over the over door handle or in a cupboard. But if microfibre isn't quite your jam, we also have a range of top quality cotton tea towels, made from cream-of-the-crop cotton, 100% certified Egyptian Cotton.


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Microfibre Tea-Towel Set
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Microfibre Dish Mat