The ultimate recipe for a good night's sleep

The ultimate recipe for a good night's sleep
When we think of getting a good night’s sleep, what we sleep on is often top of mind - as it should be. With our bedding having a significant effect on body temperature, how much we toss and turn, and how rested we feel upon waking, quality bedding needs to be top priority. However, without knowing the in’s and out’s of sleep science, it’s hard to know: what is ‘quality bedding’, and what’s right for me? Alas - that’s where I come in. As Australia’s leading sleep expert, and guest blogger for Bambury, I’m humbled to separate fact from fiction and share exactly what is ‘quality bedding’, and help you find yours. 

So… what is quality bedding? 


Quality bedding is sheets, quilts, pillowcases and mattress protectors which enable you to get your best night’s rest: period. While this may be promised by all bedding manufacturers, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Rather, your best night’s rest will only be facilitated by your bedding if it keeps you cool - it’s a primary requirement for the production of melatonin, our master sleep hormone. Plain and simple, if we overheat, our bodies produce less of this critical hormone, and we struggle to fall and stay asleep. 
Note not all temperature regulating bedding is the same. While it may seem to be similar to the naked eye, some brands, such as Bambury, go above and beyond to create cooling bedding. Specifically, their Sonar Thermal Balancing range features OUTLAST technology which proactively manages heat and moisture, and is proven to alleviate temperature spikes that will otherwise impair your sleep. Originally designed for NASA, the technology is so sophisticated that it can even manage temperature imbalances between couples - perfect if you’re a hot sleeper and your partner is not, or vice versa. 

Step 1: Mattress Topper

While you may think this is to serve your mattress, rather, it’s to serve you - and your best night’s sleep. Especially for those on a memory foam mattress, it’s very normal to slightly sink in to the mattress - which may otherwise increase body temperature, and contribute to a poor night’s sleep. However, with a thermal balancing mattress topper, this is not a concern. On another vein, the topper is also ideal for those who’s mattresses are a touch too firm, as it softens the surface - so you can stay asleep. 

Image: Sonar Thermal Balancing Mattress Topper

Step 2: Sheets 

Of course, what’s directly underneath your skin will make a huge impact on your sleep - something we are all aware of! In terms of temperature regulating sheets, I recommend organic sheets in the natural fibre of your choice, with a 200 to 400 thread count. Fortunately, Bambury offers a range of options that meet these requirements, so you can find the one that suits you best - Choose from linen, cotton or flannelette. 
Image: Temple Organic Sheet Set

Step 3: Quilt


An obvious one here, having a quilt which traps heat and leads to sweating is not ideal - to say the least. On the other hand, the thermal balancing quilt, and it’s advanced OUTLAST technology keeps you cool - irrespective of the season. 

Image: Sonar Thermal Balancing Quilt

Step 4: Pillow and Pillow Protector 

Last but definitely not least, we need to ensure our heads stay cool too - given that our skull is a primary point of heat loss, it’s critical. Unfortunately though, we often overlook this crucial element, and impair our sleep in the process. Get ahead of the game and stock up on the thermal balancing pillow and pillow protector - stat. 
Image: Sonar Thermal Balancing Pillow & Pillow Protector
Remember - quality bedding isn’t about what looks the best or is the most expensive. Quality bedding is bedding that enables you to get your best nights sleep; which as a reminder, is exactly what you deserve.
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