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Desigual is a global brand, based in Barcelona, Spain, known for their quirky sense of style and flamboyant splashes-of-colour.  Originally a clothing label, Desigual expanded into a large fashion forward brand that now also includes accessories, bedding and homewares. “Atypical since 1984”, Desigual continues to grow and create ranges that have a fun, strong and recognisable aesthetic.   In recent years, Desigual added a Living range to their collection, which has proven to be successful across Europe, United Kingdom and the Unites States. While some Desigual clothing lines have been available in Australia for a number of years, the new Living collection is harder to find, but has actually been specifically made for Australian bedding sizes and specifications.


Bambury was the first and only authorised Desigual Living distributor in Australia & New Zealand. (In case you were wondering too, it's pronounced 'Dess-ig-wal)

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Desigual Cushion - Bolimania (Lettering)
Desigual Euro - Bed & Breakfast
Desigual Dress - Sauvage
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Desigual T-Shirt - Nordic Mood
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Desigual Poncho - Sauvage
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Desigual Singlet - Exotic Jeans
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Desigual Singlet - Botanical Dream S/M