Bambury Commercial

Bambury has developed a range of quality products suitable for the hospitality, healthcare and institutional markets.
Our products have been engineered to suit various sectors within the commercial sector, and all items have been sourced from a supply base with extensive experience in production for the Australasian markets. Bambury’s pricing is competitive across the range of products and combined with our sales offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland we can provide the highest level of personal service to our customers. To help make ordering easier we have developed three levels of products; Luxus, Chateau and Villa, with the aim of providing suitable products for different purposes.

Villa Range

Bambury Commercial's Range has been designed to suit hospitality, healthcare and institutional markets, which means quality and comfort is at the forefront as many are washed in commercial laundering environments. The Villa Range is our entry level collection, these items are engineered for the tough commercial environment, but still have a refined finish. They are priced for the customer with an eye for style and value for money.

The Villa range includes, Pillows, Pillow Protectors, Mattress Protectors, Blankets and Quilts.

Please refer to each individual product for sizing and care instructions.