Mite-Guard Pillow Protector

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Size: Body Pillow


Experts agree the best way of avoiding house dust mites is to create a barrier between you and them. MiteGuard is designed to act as this barrier, it features a micron dust filter membrane that is sandwiched between two layers of inert fabric giving premier protection. MiteGuard totally encases your mattress, quilt and pillow; it is soft, extremely lightweight, durable and air-permeable, allowing body moisture and heat to pass through the fabric providing comfort and protection all night long. The products can also help overcome the need for regular hot washing of quilts and pillows and it allows the use of natural fillings (in pillows, mattresses and quilts) such as wool and feathers.

Composition: 100% Polypropylene

Size Information:

Body PIllow: 44 x 150cm
Continental: 80 x 80cm
European: 65 x 65cm
Standard: 48 x 73cm
Tri: 140 x 36cm

Package Contents:

Body Pillow: 1 x Pillow Protector
Continental: 1 x Pillow Protector
European: 1 x Pillow Protector
Standard: 1 x Pillow Protector
Tri: 1 x Pillow Protector