2021’s Hottest Living Room Décor Trends and How to Nail Them

2021’s Hottest Living Room Décor Trends and How to Nail Them

How To Nail 2021's Hottest Living Room Decor Trends 

Living room décor can be such a beautiful thing. It can bring so much warmth and joy into our life, injecting fun and comfort into our living space. In many ways it’s what makes our home feel like… well, home.
It’s also something that constantly grows and evolves, as our tastes change. Each year there are new trends to follow, new hot colours, and new must have materials.
Staying across the latest developments in living room décor is almost a full-time job. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – read on for our take on this year’s hottest looks.


Return to nature: embrace an earthy vibe

With most people spending more time at home, there is a big push to bring the outdoors, in. Increasing this connection with nature can help make a space feel more grounded and serene. It can also increase the sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.
This trend is as much about material and texture as it is about colour. While greens, beiges and browns are prominent, the focus is on the overall feeling the space evokes. Vintage pieces, rough textures, and materials with natural movement really help set the right scene.
When styling this look, choose pieces that add depth and rawness. Natural materials, like wood and cotton, are obvious musts. As are handcrafted objects and products that celebrate their unique imperfections.
If you’re shopping for your new natural living room décor online, here are a couple of pieces we love:
This monochromatic cushion is the perfect example of creating visual interest through texture. Its use of cotton tufting to create a soft geometric pattern provides a sense of subtle sumptuousness.
Use this cushion to add extra depth and dimension to your living room décor. The rich colour will pair well with most other natural shades (off-whites, stone greys, greens) and highlight other rust tones.
This extra long throw is perfect for adding a natural touch to any living room décor. Drape it across the length of the back of your lounge and pair with similar earth tone cushions to complete the look.
The knit texture reinforces the comfortable, homey feel. To keep this looking its best, wash by hand (or on a gentle machine cycle) and dry flat in the shade.

Go green to create a lush living environment 

For years, traditional neutral tones (think whites and soft greys) have dominated living room décor. However, this year, we expect to see colour starting to make a return. And one of our favourites – the highly versatile green – will be leading the charge.
Further reinforcing the connection with nature, green provides a sense of safety and tranquillity. As the definition of a natural colour, it’s easy on the eyes and can be worked into most designs. It also comes in a wide selection of shades and looks great when used monochromatically or multi-tonally.
There are many ways to style a green look. You can choose an olive green as your base, then layer with soft pinks, greys, and browns for a natural feel. Alternatively, you can feature a vibrant emerald green, offset with golds and deeper greys, for a more dramatic look.
Want to go green in your living space? Here are a few pieces from our online living room décor range that would work perfectly:
Nature is all about contrast – the soft and the hard, the peaks and the valleys. This stylish cushion tells that story by contrasting soft cotton tufting against a sturdy cotton weave, and fun tassels against the structured check pattern.
A subtle style statement, this cushion can be used as a feature or part of a more layered design. We particularly love pairing it with the coordinating throw rug for a consistent look and feel. 
Tying in with another big trend for 2021 – the rise of bouclé – this ultra-comfortable cushion will look great on any lounge. Its silky soft fleece finish feels amazing and can add much needed texture to your living room décor.
Thanks to the simplicity of its design, this cushion will suit many different styles. We recommend pairing it with a throw and other cushions in a similar shade for a more monochromatic look.
Complete the design by adding in other textures (like our Channel and Tully cushions, both in Moss) for extra depth.

Contemporary country: a refined take on a traditional style        

In addition to increasing the desire to connect with nature, lockdown has made many yearn for simpler times. This has seen the country look come back into the style – albeit with a modern twist.
While less fussy than previous incarnations, this new take on “farmhouse style” still provides all the nostalgia. It takes traditional country designs and pairs them with sleeker lines and more luxurious materials. When done well, these touches combine to create a folksy, one-of-a-kind feel.
Styling a contemporary country living room décor is all about balance. You need match the homespun touches (e.g. yellow tones, embroidery, floral prints) with the more designer finishes. Getting this right can take a deft hand and it’s always best to use busier prints as a feature, not a base.
Here are a few selections from our online living room décor range which fit with the contemporary country feel:
There’s something about a tasselled throw that screams country to us. And this super soft and lightweight version is a great example.
Combining a traditional tassel fringe with a more modern two-tone palette, it is ideal for that contemporary country vibe. Drape it over your couch and pair it with a country-style feature rug or cushion to complete the look.
Tying in with yet another major trend for this year – the statement rug – this is a great option for both indoor and outdoor living spaces. The playful design has a country vibe while staying crisp and contemporary. 
Best of all, as it’s made from PET (a polyester fibre made from recycled plastic bottles) it’s as eco-friendly as it is stylish. It’s also extremely hard wearing, making it perfect for a high traffic area, like your living room.

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