How to Refresh Your Living Space on a Budget

How to Refresh Your Living Space on a Budget

Redecorate Your Living Room Without Blowing Your Budget

If you’ve been spending more time at home recently, you may be feeling the need to refresh your living space.  Maybe it’s starting to look really lived in. Maybe your style has evolved and you want to update your home to match. Or maybe you just want to mix things up a bit?
Whatever the motivation, redecorating your living space can help reinvigorate your whole house. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole when redecorating, so we’ve prepared a few tips to help you update your décor without breaking the bank.



Reconfigure and Reimagine the Living Area 

One of the most effective – and cheapest – ways to reinvigorate a space is to reposition the furniture. While this may not sound like much, adjusting the aspect of a room can completely change how it feels. Best of all it doesn’t cost you a thing – you’re just shifting around the stuff you already have.
If some of your furniture is starting to show its age, try refurbishing it. A new coat of paint or reupholstering could bring it right back into style. In addition to being cost-effective, this can help you cut down on waste.
You can also get creative and come up with unique new uses for things you already have. From vintage trunk coffee tables to wooden ladder shelving, repurposing provides a new lease on life. It also helps personalise the space, adding a sense of fun and sentimentality.



Change Up the Colour Palette 

Repainting is redecorating 101. A simple coat of paint is a cost-effective way to completely change how a room feels. It can also help you give a new sense of style to your existing furniture.
If repainting isn’t for you, use your soft furnishings to shake up your colour scheme. Try adding cushions in a complimentary shade to the colour of your lounge or a throw rug that creates contrast. At Bambury, we’re all about earth tones right now and are really loving our Jardee Cushion, particularly in Eucalyptus.



Layer on Texture

Layering create richness and depth. It can also help cover up any imperfections in your furniture and adds extra visual interest. Again, soft furnishings are great for this and can be easily subbed out as your taste changes.
Try adding a little extra softness to your lounge or side chair with a lush throw rug. Our Faux Fur Ripple Throw Rug is a favourite and brings both the luxury and some extra warmth. You can match this with a textured feature cushion, like our Bambury Arc Cushion, to create even more dimension.
Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate a pattern. They are a great way to add personality and can really help bring a colour scheme together. That said, it’s always best to use anything too bold sparingly.




Don’t Forget the Floor

The floor is often viewed very functionally or overlooked completely. What most people forget is that the floor heavily influences how the space feels and can bring your whole design together.
Obviously, major changes like replacing the carpet or refinishing the floorboards will have a big impact. However, there’s no need to do anything so drastic… unless you really want to!
Instead, you can use area rugs to soften the surface and inject a little colour. For a more eclectic effect, try layering multiple rugs throughout the space. This works best when the rugs have contrasting patterns or textures, but complimentary colour palettes.





 What to Avoid when Redecorating on a Budget

It can be easy to get swept up in the fun and excitement of redecorating a room. Once you start – it’s hard to stop, and despite your best intentions the budget can quickly go out the window.

If you really want to conserve your budget, try to avoid:

  • Overspending on a single piece: While splurging on a statement piece can make a space feel more luxurious, there’s a limit. Focus your biggest spending on the little touches. A luxurious feature cushion can be just as impactful as a designer chair – but costs a fraction of the price.
  • Thinking too big: The best interior design is about the details. While high-end furniture is great, it’s the decorative choices that brings it all together. A well styled will lounge always look better than a bare one – no matter how expensive it is.
  • Thinking more is more: Many people believe that luxury means filling the space. This is not true. Having a few carefully curated pieces looks cleaner and much more stylish.
  • Thinking newer is better: If you have a piece of furniture you love, there’s no reason to replace it. Try to work it into your new design or refinish it to suit the new style. Doing this will almost always be cheaper than replacing it.





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