Three Bedroom Colour Schemes To Create a Serene Sleeping Space

Three Bedroom Colour Schemes To Create a Serene Sleeping Space

Master Your Bedroom Decor with These Serene Colour Schemes 


More than any other room in the house, your chosen colour palette matters most in the bedroom. As a space designed for rest and relaxation, a calming décor is critical. In fact, research suggests that the colour of your bedroom can impact the quality of your sleep.
At Bambury we want to create a sense of serenity in the bedroom, so when designing our bedding and quilt cover sets, we often focus on colour palettes that are both stylish and conducive to sleep.
If you’re not sure how to style your bedroom, read on for our top bedroom colour scheme recommendations and how you can use them to style the perfect sleeping space


Colour Scheme #1: Blush Tones   

Blush pink has been a very popular colour in recent years. As a gentle tone, it can be used liberally – bringing a splash of colour into a space while keeping things understated. It’s a great choice for your walls or bedroom linen and pairs well with greys and creams. It can also help visually anchor wooden flooring and furniture.
If you want to bring some blush into your bedroom, we recommend starting with the Bambury Ana Quilt Cover Set. This is a truly versatile option and the soft blush tone would complement a range of existing styles. The intricate charcoal motif also makes it the perfect accompaniment to darker accents.


Colour Scheme #2: Blue tones 

A perennial favourite, blue is known for being calming and peaceful and can help create a sense of tranquillity and serenity. 
For a softer feel, try a subtler scheme dominated by a pale or sky blue. For more drama, try an accent of navy, offset with whites and greys, or even yellow.
If you’re a fan of blue, you’re sure to love the Bambury Lavinia Quilt Cover Set. The multi-tonal design perfectly complements any blue colour scheme and the paisley pattern adds personality without pulling focus


Colour Scheme #3: Green tones 

Ask any designer about the biggest bedroom linen trends for 2021 and they’re sure to mention sage. This subdued shade of green brings elegance and works well with everything from creams to dark browns.
If you’re thinking of going green with your bedroom linen, the Bambury Willare Quilt Cover Set is great choice. Albeit slightly darker than sage, the moss colour is right on trend and the delicate embroidery creates a lux, elegant feel. Pair this with cream bedroom linen and cushions to complete the look.


Styling a Tranquil Bedroom 

When it comes to styling, bedrooms are one of the hardest rooms to get right. In addition to looking beautiful, they need to be functional and relaxing. There are also a lot of choices to coordinate – from bedroom linen and quilt covers to cushions and curtains.

Here are our top tips for styling the perfect sleeping space:
  • When selecting your colour scheme, think in groups of three – a feature, a trim, and an accent. These can be three shades of the one colour (monochromatic), or three different colours that are complimentary or create contrast.
  • Patterns should be used sparingly in a bedroom as they can stimulate the eye and impact sleep quality.
  • A darker feature colour (e.g. navy) should be paired with a lighter trim colour (e.g. white). Match this with similarly contrasting bedroom linen for balance and to complete the look.
  • Buying bedroom linen online is a great way to get design inspiration. At Bambury, we carefully plan the styling of all our promotional material and love seeing people shop the whole look.



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