New Years resolutions? Your bedding can help - here’s why...

New Years resolutions? Your bedding can help - here’s why...


Keeping New Year’s resolutions - something that most of us need support with, right? Right! And while you’re probably mindful to create action plans for long term success, there may be something undercutting your chances of achieving it - and it’s hidden within your sheets (literally). Yes, your bedding has the capacity to make or break your New Years resolutions - and by the end of this article, you’ll know why. As Australia’s leading sleep expert, and partner of Bambury, it’s a pleasure to share this information with you, so you can achieve your resolutions - January and beyond.


First - how does sleep influence our mood and motivation?

As you’ve probably noticed, after a poor night’s sleep, you aren’t overly motivated - to say the least. Every email, conversation and task is hard, concentrating is difficult and you can’t seem to think straight. While you may berate yourself for being foggy and fatigued, this is actually an outcry from your brain and body who are craving much needed and much wanted sleep. In fact, clinical studies show inadequate sleep impairs the frontal lobe, the brain region responsible for motivation, concentration and decision making. Second, academic evidence also indicates when we are sleep deprived, there is a build up of neurotoxin beta amyloid, contributing to brain fog. These two factors, coupled with fatigue, means that it’s perfectly reasonable that your cognitive capacity isn’t what it usually is, nor are you overly motivated, when you haven’t had enough sleep. 


Studies show poor sleep impairs the brain region responsible for motivation, concentration and decision making. Image: Pexels

Second - how does our bedding influence our sleep?

Bedding impacts our sleep for many reasons, however, the primary one is temperature. Essentially, if we overheat, our bodies produce less melatonin, our sleepiness hormone. As a result, we experience lighter, restless sleep, are more likely to wake up, may struggle to return to sleep, and are highly likely to feel exhausted in the morning.

Conversely, if our bedding keeps us cool through the night, our bodies produce melatonin as they should, and we have a greater likelihood of getting the sleep we need - for mood, mindset and motivation. 


Which of Bambury’s range is best for cooling? 

Bambury’s sonar Thermal Balancing Range is specifically designed to mediate temperature spikes in the skin that can otherwise impair sleep. Rather than wait for you to overheat, the bedding detects you are approaching a temperature peak and absorbs excess heat - so you stay cool. In fact, the range can reduce humidity in the bed by as much as 50%! Remember - even if you’re not a hot sleeper, this is fundamental, as we all need optimal production of our melatonin to get deep quality sleep. And also remember, this isn’t just going to impact your evening - it will affect your following day, including how motivated you are to achieve your new years resolutions. 

Make it easy for yourself to achieve all your gaols and more: shop the thermal balancing range now.


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