How to Style Your Ensuite

How to Style Your Ensuite

It’s easy to overlook your ensuite when styling your home. Tucked away inside the master bedroom, it’s a part of the home that’s rarely viewed or visited by guests.

Designed for practicality, most ensuites offer minimal space and limited opportunities to add decorative touches, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative.

The key to styling your ensuite is to create a sense of flow from the master bedroom. By carrying through the same colour palette and design themes, you’ll be able to achieve a cohesive space with a consistent aesthetic. 

Here are some top tips on how to style your ensuite and complement your bedroom.

Bathroom towels & bath mats  

As you’re working with a small amount of space, your bathroom décor needs to be stylish yet functional. Your en suite will require hand towels for the vanity, bath towels for use with the shower and bath(if you have one), and at least one bath mat for personal safety. 

While they do serve a purpose, your bathroom towels and bath mats will likely be the largest pieces of décor to feature in your en suite. It’s essential to select suitable colours and styles, as your towels and mats will set the tone for the entire space.

Colour selection

Stand in your master bedroom and have a look at your existing colour palette. If it’s mostly light and bright with neutral colours, you’ll want to choose bathroom towels and mats with softer tones. Think gentle greys, muted beiges, and faded greens. You could also opt for white towels if you want a more crisp, classic look.

For darker, bolder bedrooms with a more monochromatic scheme, cast your eye over your décor and take note of the little pops of colour. It could be a small splash of mustard in your wall art or the tiny burst of pink in a flower arrangement. You can bring these colours to life in your bathroom with vibrantly coloured towels and mats.

No matter the look and feel of your bedroom, you either want to carry through similar colours into your ensuite or choose contrasting colours that draw from your existing décor. From your hand towels to your bath mats, you can use all the same colours, or mix it up with lighter and darker shades of the same palette.

Towel styling and placement

Once you have selected your colours, your next step is to decide how you will style and place your bathroom towels. To complement a structured, minimalist bedroom, you could neatly fold your towels and place them in a stack on either shelving or a portable caddy.

If your bedroom style is on the more luxurious side, you could roll up your towels into cylindrical bundles in the same technique used by hotels and day spas. Position your rolled towels on your vanity benchtop or next to your tub, either on the space provided or on top of an additional stool.

Alternatively, if your bedroom has a cosy, lived-in look, you could hang your bath towels from a hook on the wall and allow the fabric to drape down. You could also layer your towels across your towel rack, pinching and arranging the material for a tousled style.

Material & Texture

Notice the textures used throughout your master bedroom. Do you have a faux fur throw rug layering your bed or stretched across the floor? Or perhaps you have a chunky, knitted blanket lined with decorative pompoms? You can bring this plush and comfortable look into your en suite with bathroom towels and mats made from thicker, softer materials.

If you have linen sheets or a washed-look quilt, you can continue this theme of simplicity into your ensuite. Breathable cotton towels with simple edging or a straight-lined border will help you to maintain this aesthetic.

For a cosy, modern bedroom, you could opt for soft, cotton towels with a gentle textured pattern to add a subtle yet visually interesting touch to your en suite.

Bathroom décor

Your bathroom towels and mats will set the foundation for your ensuite style, while your décor accessories will help to accentuate the overall look.

Once again striving for practical yet stylish items, you can influence the look and feel of your ensuite with carefully chosen soap or soap dispensers, toothbrushes, and tumblers.

You’ll want to take the same approach when selecting your colours, while also considering line and shape. If there are a lot of soft, curved edges in your bedroom, it will be best to use soap dispensers with rounded shapes. On the other hand, if you have a lot of angular, straight lines, you may want to go for rectangular or square shaped accessories.

There’s also the option to add candles to create a soothing and relaxing mood, or indoor greenery to help warm up the space. You could go for native Australian flowers and plants in a natural, uneven arrangement, or a dense collection of peonies for a more symmetrical look. It all depends on the interior design of your master bedroom and what is going to best complement this style.

Shop bathroom towels & décor

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