Trending Now: Faux Fur Home Décor

Trending Now: Faux Fur Home Décor


It first came to us on high fashion runways as an animal-friendly alternative for winter coats and wardrobe accessories. Now it’s the home styling trend that can bring a touch of warmth into any living space.

Soft and luxurious, faux fur is ideal for layering and creating contrast. You could use it to accent a room with a rich burst of colour or blend it into your décor by using more neutral shades. 

Whether you would like to create a simple, Scandinavian style or a bold, modern theme, faux fur is a highly versatile texture that can be used in a wide variety of ways. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to incorporate the trend into your home, you can easily achieve the look with decorative faux fur cushions and throw rugs.


Faux Fur Cushions  

When styling faux fur cushions, you need to carefully balance different colours, shapes, sizes and textures. From pairing block colours with patterns to juxtaposing round and rectangular shapes, there are endless ways to create visual interest. You could use faux fur cushions sparingly or make more of a dramatic statement when styling a range of rooms throughout your home.



Add a finishing touch to your bedscape with faux fur cushions. Start by folding back your quilt cover to reveal your linen underneath and create space for your cushion arrangement. 

While less is usually considered more, you can afford to be a little more extravagant when it comes to decorative bedroom cushions. If there are too many gaps in your arrangement or not enough layers, it may seem unfinished or unbalanced, so the fuller the look, the better.

For simple elegance, start with your largest pillows at the back and layer forward to create graded tiers that end with your smallest cushions. Another way to create a full arrangement is to position your cushions in a horizontal pyramid. Prop three cushions in front of your sleeping pillows, then layer in another row of two, before placing a singular cushion at the front.

You could prop your faux fur in the back row for a hint of texture that peaks up from behind your other cushions, or you could use it front and centre for a welcoming, cosy look.

Your bedscape is an easy way to inject fur texture into your bedroom design, but you can also position cushions on ottoman benches, reading armchairs or across the floor.



If your couch is looking a little bare, you can warm it up with a cushion arrangement that complements your living room style.

For a more minimalistic aesthetic, you can position two statement faux fur cushions on your two- or three-seater sofa, ensuring they are set proportionately apart for ultimate symmetry. You could also prop a single fur cushion on an armchair, titled at an angle. 

To create a more sumptuous look, you could use a variety of cushions to layer the full length of your couch. Go for a row of five cushions, alternating between different colours, shapes and textures, with one or more faux fur cushions mixed into the arrangement. For larger sofas, you could bundle cushions in groups of three with faux fur layered at the front or the back.

If you feel your arrangement needs a little light and shade to break it up, you can use a karate chop in the middle of your plain cushions to create a crease. It will add some depth to your design, making it look less structured and more comfortable. (Some cushions are easier to 'chop' than others, feather filled cushions work the best)


Home office

Your home office can quickly become cold and uninviting if it isn’t styled appropriately. If your working from home set up needs some stylistic attention, faux fur cushions could be the perfect addition to the space.

Here you will want to pare back your approach so that your cushions inject warmth into the room without dominating the design. You could create a stack of cushions and position them next to your bookcase, alternating between faux fur and more muted textures. Alternatively, you could have a single cushion on a chair, or a loose pyramid of three cushions arranged across the floor.


Faux Fur Throw Rugs

Throw rugs are another way to introduce faux fur into your home. Much like cushion arrangements, you can use throw rugs in your bedroom and living areas to create visual interest and add a touch of luxury.

Depending on your personal preferences, you could accent your cushion arrangement with your faux fur throw rug, or you could allow your throw to be a statement piece on its own.


Sofas and armchairs 

Drape your faux fur throw over the back of your couch by lifting it up and letting it fall for a natural, lived in look. You could also loosely fold the throw and drop it over one corner of the couch, allowing the fabric to cascade down and fall onto the floor. If you want a more structured aesthetic, you could neatly fold your throw over the arm of your sofa to create a bold stripe of texture.

If you have a daybed or a chaise, you can place your faux fur throw diagonally across the end corner to fill the otherwise empty space. You can play around with the placement by gathering and spreading the fake fur to see how the texture reacts to the light in the space.



The foreground or lower third of your bedscape is the ideal placement for a faux fur throw rug. Much like styling your couch, you can go for a more casual, tousled look or create straight and precise lines, depending on how you position your throw. 

For the former style, experiment with arranging the throw rug in different ways to create dimension. You could drape the throw rug lengthways across the bed then rumple the fabric or layer it diagonally under a folded back quilt.

Alternatively, neatly fold your throw rug in half or into thirds and position it across the bottom third of your bed to contrast your quilt cover. 


Home Décor

There are so many different ways you can use faux fur throw rugs throughout your home décor.

You could drape it over a basket to create a decorative statement, juxtaposing the faux fur with the basket material.

Rather than going for traditional coffee table accessories such as candles or books, you could fold up your throw rug and position it on or next to the table. Alternatively, you could lay it sprawled across the surface, allowing it to fall off to one side and graze the floor.

Your throw rug could also add some warmth to wooden floors. Even if you have carpeted areas or existing rugs, you could layer your throw over the top to inject texture and create more visual interest.


Explore Faux Fur Décor

You may have some ideas on how to use faux fur in your home, or you may still need more inspiration. Either way, browsing through potential faux fur décor options can be a great way to help you envision how to use the texture in your living spaces.

At Bambury, our cushions and throw rugs are locally designed in Australia in line with global trends. As we only ever produce a select number of each design, each piece offers a unique way to style your home. Browse our home décor today.


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